high pr backlinks 2012

What is backlink ?

backlinks is just a simple link of your website posted to other high page rank websites.A website link must not have rel="nofollow" attribute otherwise links posted on other website is not treated for SEO by google.

Creating backlinks is not as easy as pople think.When creating backlink must be a netural way spamming for creating backlink is not good for SEO.

How to post to your link to high profile site ?

You can post your links to dofollow blogs comments,dofollow forums Profile link and dofollow forums signatures.

You can get backlinks from some of best social networking sites , bookmarks site as well directory submissions sites.

Some of best DoFollow Links 2012 : 

  1. http://technorati.com : Add your blog/site to  this site to get backlinks.Thy first verify your site you claimed and then your site is added and you will get  high PR 8 backlinks.currently this site has google PR 8.
  2. http://del.icio.us/ :This is pr 8 site which allow you to add bookmarks as  many as you want.Adding your site to http://del.icio.us is result in quick indexing your site also.
  3. bookmarks.yahoo.com : This is yahoo free bookmarking service.You will get quick indexing in yahoo and bing search.
  4. http://www.blogger.com : If you have google account then create profile in blogger then edit profile and add your site url in wishlist because wishlist url has high PR backlinks from google itself.
  5. http://www.tumblr.com/ :Create account with  tumblr and add post in tumblr and add siteurl in tumblr post.
  6. http://www.livejournal.com/ : This also social as well as bookmarking site where you can add your post.To get backlink you need to add your site in profile page.
  7. http://www.stumbleupon.com : This is PR 8 bookmarking site.get quickly index by google.
  8. http://www.dmoz.org/ : This is PR 8 directory service.getting backlink from this is great.
  9. the-free-directory.co.uk  : This is PR 4 Directory service.
  10. http://reddit.com/  : Social bookmarkin site great backlink.Quick indexing in google.
  11. http://www.digg.com : This is quick bookmarking site and news site.This is help you for quick indexing.
  12. Hi5 : Add your backlink in about me page or recent news.
  13. Last.fm : Add profile link as backlinks.

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