Backup sync contacts Microsoft my phone-access contact sms anywhere

What is Microsoft my phone

Microsoft myphone is service provided by Microsoft for synchronized your contacts , sms ,pictures ,task ,personal files and more.For using this service you must have Hotmail or live account. Microsoft mypone is software which is provided by Microsoft.Once you have installed this software you can sync backup your personal data with your Hotmail or live account.So you can even access your all personal data to anywhere in this world. 

Even with Microsoft myphone you can share photos to Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Windows Live.One of the best service of this Microsoft my phone is map location fro which you can find your lost phone.This service of Microsoft myphone is completely free service. 


  • Back up your phone automatically
  • Share photos on your favorite social networking sites
  • Access your contacts, text messages and more online for free
  • Locate your lost phone

Download Microsoft my phone:

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