How to upgrade your htc touch P3450 GSM (SIM card) versions of HTC's 2007 Touch (Elf/Elfin) to windows-mobile-6.1 and windows-mobile-6.5


Htc touch comes with Windows-Mobile® 6 Professional O.S but you can upgrade to windows mobile 6.1 or Windows Mobile 6.5.

If you have windows-mobile-6.5 then you can get more software for windows-mobile usability.For HTC windows mobile There are few Windows-mobile-6.5 and 6.1 cooked ROMs available on one of the great and one of my favorite pocket pc.But I recommends the great ONYX ROM is one of the stable and great ROM for htc(wm 6.1 and wm 6.5).


All credits goes to xda developers please read FAQ carefully before fleshing any ROM in to your pocket pc.You have to take your own risk I am not responsible for any damage to your device.When htc-unlock and upgrade done your windows-mobile may take time to load.   

upgrade windows mobile 5
ms windows mobile

HTC windows mobile  backup contact sms personal infomation)

For HTC-windows-mobile p3450 This is recommend to backp your contacts,sms,personal infomation using this software in your windows mobile 

HTC windows mobile  Find your device's CID and Device ID(software for windows-mobile)

For HTC-windows-mobile p3450 This is optional steps but recommend that CID and Device id may be needed in feature.For this step please follow Find CID

HTC Make a backup of the stock ROM currently on your phone windows-phone

For HTC-windows-mobile 3450 This step is also optional but it also recommends that it is safe to have original rom backup. In case you may needs your original rom than from backup you can restore it. For this follow htc back-up Rom 

HTC windows-mobile Unloack Your windows-mobile Or Unlocked Smartphones  

HTC Install an IPL/USPL or HardSPL which removes the CID Unlocked mobile phone. HardSPL 3.10 and IPL 3.10  and 3.07 are good but 3.14 is not recommended.(3.14 increases battery problems.).Htc smartphone unlocked is most important step you can not flashes your htc rom without htc smartphone unlocked.So htc Smartphone unlock is most important step.Little care also needed when your htc smartphone unlock begin.Follow step

Hard Spl our htc

HTC windows-mobile P3450 -Upgrade roms by downloading 

Thi rom is only for htc not flashes it to other htc-mobiles.
HTC is capable of flashing rom to it so you can start  upgrading your HTC wm by downloading  ONYX ROM from

For windows phone 7 theme please visit(

Note :Windows phone 7 theme need at least windows mobile 6.5 running device   

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