how to install jar file windows mobile

Esmertec Jbed

What is jar:

Java Archive. A jar file is a standard way of packaging a collection of Java files into a single file for faster download.

How to run jar/jad file windows mobile:

In windows mobile you can run or install java jar/jad file using java emulator for windows mobile.Today's latest phones pocket pc windows mobile already come with this emulators.But if you have not got java jar/jad emulators then you can install java jar/jad emulators.

 After installing emulator you can run all java jar/jad 3d or non 3d applications games.There is mainly two emulators available Esmertec Jbed and IBM emulator.

windows mobile 5

You can use  Esmertec Jbed  to install and run java applications, java games and other applications in windows mobile smart phone. Esmertec Jbed running as a virtual machine.This is great platform for windows mobile to run java/jar games mobiles.

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gagan said...

when I am installing jar file on my htc touch mobile, it installed and run and again I click on the file it ask me to install again, how to solve it? thanks
pl. mail me:

Nikunj Gandhi said...

hi ! gagan after file can run from jbed allication,where you can get all installed jar file.

vijaykumar said...

hi ! this is vijay ya thats right but iam not able to open an earror came in the screen...

"the midlet could not be instantiated"

wat can i do?

plz send me mail to

Anonymous said...

I am using Motorola ES400, with windows 6.5, even after installing many softwares it asks me to run that software. Tell me the solution for this problem.
Send me to

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