windows mobile iphone like picture viewer s2v

Slide to view windows mobile:

S2V is a stylus-free picture viewing application. It can also be used to set up the wallpapers for S2U2 (v0.97 or later); assign a pic to a contact; set it as Today's wallpaper; or send it via MMS/email.

  • Slide the screen to view the previous or next picture (or press the DPAD left/right).
  • Slide on the left-side screen from top to bottom to rotate 90 degrees anti-clockwise; slide from bottom to top to rotate 90 degrees clockwise; when sliding on the right-side screen, the rotation will be opposite.

  • Press DPAD Up to Zoom-in or Down to Zoom-out; double-tap the screen or push the DPAD-ACTION to return to the normal view.
  • Slightly press the screen to call up the lower menu.
  • Press the Back button at the Thumbnail screen to browse folders.
  • When browsing folders, if there is an Arrow button next to a folder, it means that folder has subfolders. Press this Arrow button to view the subfolders.
  • Shortcuts: ANSWER key to quit; END/OK key to minimize; tap the top right corner to minimize.


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