connect ad hoc android

How to connect ad hoc in android

By default android device does not search ad hoc network.Android device require a
wifi which support hotspots network means a wifi which have hotspots is only searchable in android device.

So now question is how to use ad hoc network in android ?

For windows users there is a software called mhotspot.

mhotspot is a free-software that converts your wifi enabled LAPTOP/PC running windows OS into a virtual wifi point and distribute your net finished wifi to added laptops, smartphones, PDA's, Tablet-PCs or any else wifi connectivity devices.

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How to setup mhotspot ?

 Setup of mhotspot  adhoc is easy just go though their user manual and setup.There is no need to setup each time.once you have setup done nexttime click on start and your wifi convert to hotspot and accessible to users. This software also provides wifi security means you can add username passowrd for access of ad hoc network.

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