install jar android

Now  run jar/jad app games in your android. Just you need to install an follow instructions.

Esmertec Jbed


What is jar:

Java Archive. A jar file is a standard way of packaging a collection of Java files into a single file for faster download.

  1. Download Jbed now:
  2. download now
  3. Install Jbed.apk and push to /system/lib and reboot your phone (don't do that point if you already have Java installed in your rom).
  4. Launch Java app. Press "menu" button and choose "sdcard". Wait a while and choose your jar app game to install. Now if you want to launch app, open Java app first and choose the location where your app is installed.(e.g. sdcard folder at the top)

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Beta said...

I have just installed Java Games on my Android, thank you for this install guide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the installation procedure.

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